No 'Solace' Over Anticipating Forster's 007

It's no secret amid many of my colleagues that I've never been much of a James Bond aficionado. That's actually an understatement; James Bond films, in their blatant exercise in gadgetry, cheeky suave demeanor, and egregiously unrealistic rhythm, have always driven away my attention within the time it takes a dog to scarf down its dinner. That is, until Casino Royale. All the reasons why I dislike 007 flicks were almost holistically scraped away, which upset many fans of the character and the series. I, however, was all over that concept like white on rice. Daniel Craig's performance in Casino Royale made it one of the classic action flicks of modern era, and he's gearing up to do it again with Quantum of Solace.

However, this time's a little different -- as clearly seen by the second trailer for Quantum of Solace. A lot different, actually. Directed by Finding Neverland and Stranger than Fiction craftsman Marc Forster, the latest Bond film focuses on him as a vengeful operative with a bloodthirst for reeping revenge for his lover's death. That's right: James Bond, the purveyor of women atop of women, longs so deeply for his Vesper, played wonderfully in the first film by Kingdom of Heaven and Dreamers star Eva Green, that he's willing to throw himself to the wolves just to ensnare revenge. It's darker than any other Bond film, more daring -- and has the potential to be, far and away, the best and most significant addition to the series.

Gadgets and disbelief still litter the series, but they're much more accessible for the more, well, jaded of moviegoers who have issues surrendering to heavily-flawed realism. Even more so, the addition of fantastic director Forster adds a new element to the Bond series. He's a character creator, somebody who can craft a handsome picture with larger stars and make them feel very, very tangible to everyday individuals. Together with his outstanding mainstay cinematographer Roberto Schaefer, Forster looks to be aiming for a highly exhilirating visual and thematic experience. It'll be a treat to see how this drama-weathered director will infuse his stern concentration on character development with the likes of gunfire, high-speed chases, and brutal hand-to-hand combat.

Casino Royale wa great because of its divergence from the series, while Quantum of Solace holds the potential to be phenomenal because of its capability to take dramatic potency one-step further. Current News


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