Sleeping Beauty: Oh, the Horror!

C'mon -- can't Sleeping Beauty count? Of course not.

Sunday's been spent composing an article about the new Platinum Edition of Sleeping Beauty, so the Horror Movie Marathon has been halted for audio commentaries, featurettes, and lots -- and lots -- of writing about the Disney Princess movie that I'll proudly claim to love. Here's an excerpt:

"From the start when Maleficent tries to drape a black cloud over Aurora's existence, everything has built up to three key fairytale pay-offs: the life-threatening conflict, the epic battle between good and evil, and the climactic pinnacle kiss. Yeah, we know they're coming; whether that makes the whirlwind of swirling green fire, billowing purple clouds, and lavish swiping of the Great Sword of Truth more or less of a payoff becomes inconsequential when this story reaches such an electric climax. There's so much to love in these grandiose theatrics -- from the fairy's support in helping the prince, all the way to his dramatic battle with the unbelievably-crafted black dragon that thrashes and destroys the landscape of Maleficent's castle -- that they almost make the whole film worth watching even if sappy stories of medieval prince / princess love aren't your thing. As someone who relishes in quality animation and the power of majestic fairytales, Sleeping Beauty easy stands as that one of Disney's line of princess narratives that I can really soak into many times over." -- [Read Full Review]

Quick and dirty word? Buy Sleeping Beauty on either DVD or Blu-ray-- the expanded negative, improved audio track, and supplemental features are absolutely worth the money.


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