Update: New World and Countdown

Once again, heavy processing and comparisons between DVDs have hindered my ability to update as I'd like. This time, the culprit is The New World: Extended Cut, an enormously epic and beautiful piece of poetic artistry from director Terrence Malick. I forgot home much I enjoyed the film at first glance, but through this new 172-minute expanded version I found even more to enjoy. Malick's eye for scenery and poetic body movement can be jaw-dropping, which could be proved if there would've been a camera fixed on my face during this staggering new cut.

"The New World transcends from a narrative-driven story into a poetic character study of sorts with these performances, one that relies heavily on illustrating the fading splendor of naturist purity -- along with the impact that the likes of gunpowder, gluttony, and ethnocentrism can have on its longevity. Terrence Malick discreetly makes this time pass before our eyes so that we might further absorb the primal interplay between characters, a struggle existing both on the native front and the Jamestown location that adds more brevity to the flow of the film than actual events occurring in its timeline. In that, the film becomes a beautiful allegorical divulgence of pure love instead of an event-based drama, which is easily its strongest asset. Malick's a prosaic visual director, and if it takes him double-digit year spans to construct films with as much brevity and poise as The New World, then let's not rush the man between these gaps." -- [Full Review]

To say the least, this Extended Cut of The New World is well worth the sub-$20 price tag for fans of the original -- and worth a look for those who missed Malick's underrated film in theaters.

On a side note, this October Horror Countdown is going pretty smooth so far, though reviews have gotten me behind in conducting write-ups for each one that I've watched. If there's one or two missing, trust me -- they've been watched, but are just waiting for a blurb or two. Due to a few projects left for the evening, I'll plunk tonight's findings up on the journal tomorrow.

SO FAR: 22 Horror films havbe been watched, before tonight. Woo-hoo!


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