'12, More or Less' -- Wrong Subs for Swedish Vamps

Magnolia and Magnet's home video production staff have heeded a call to action ... sort of. After a pouring of e-mails regarding the lackluster subtitle translation for the DVD and Blu-ray releases of Let the Right One In -- explicitly outlined in this handy post at Icons of Fright -- the company responsible for highly-pleasing editions of The Host and Chocolate have said that they're working on fixed copies with the proper, theatrical language translation. Good news for those that purchased the film, right?

Not so fast.

Magnolia have also relayed to the Digital Bits, as reported by Slashfilm, Cinematical, and other news sites, that they currently will NOT offer a replacement program for those film-lovers that either pre-ordered the disc or purchased it within the first couple of weeks surrounding its release. What that essentially means is that the people who scooped the cream off the top -- the ecstatic devotees of the film who couldn't wait to enjoy it at home -- will have to purchase a second copy of Let the Right One In to obtain the accurate translation, i.e. the director's intended language. That's a double investment of $50+ bucks, if you're counting up money dropped on the Blu-ray, for the correct presentation seen in theaters last year.

Hopefully, with enough digital ink in their mailbox, Magnolia and Magnet will come to their senses and make the proper customer-savvy decision. It shouldn't be a punishment to indulge in purchasing the film soon after release, especially one garnishing the kind of momentum that this significant entry into the horror genre has. As someone troubled by the nuance in language and context lost through this new translation (again, outlined fantastically here), let's hope that the folks at Magnolia have a bulb light up over their collective head and realize that they've got to run some business-minded quality control -- and replace those discs purchased at the forefront.

Until then, here's an e-mail address to Magnolia's Video Department for contact: dvd@magpictures.comcurrent news


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