Benjamin Button Criterion Official!

Package artwork from Criterion's Website.
As a follow-up to my previous post, Benjamin Button: Criterion Collection? Blu-ray?, Criterion have now confirmed via a listing on their website (click here to visit Criterion's page) that Benjamin Button will, in fact, be released as an addition to their roster as Spine #476 -- in both DVD and Blu-ray editions. As a breathtaking fantasy that explores the effects of age and time, it's my personal opinion that David Fincher's film will fit snugly within the collection's lovely niche of science-fiction based entries, such as Brazil and Solaris, that strike fluctuating levels of pleasure and edification with moviegoers. More surprisingly, it looks like the date -- a staggeringly close May 5th -- might just hold water as well. It's an exciting announcement, one that'll hopefully prove to be a great investment for both fans of the film and for the Criterion label.

Here's the specs ("Disc Features"), as listed on their website here:

* Audio commentary featuring Academy Award-nominated director David Fincher (!)
* Never-before-seen footage revealing the innovative techniques behind the Academy Award–winning visual effects and makeup
* Step-by-step examination of the motion-capture process aging Brad Pitt
* In-depth exploration of David Fincher’s creative process on the set
* Interview with acclaimed composer Alexandre Desplat about the score
* Featurettes on the film’s storyboards, costumes, and Academy Award–winning art direction
* Stills galleries, including costume design and candid behind-the-scenes production photos
* Optional French- and Spanish-dubbed soundtracks
* Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing, and optional French and Spanish subtitles
* PLUS: An essay by film critic Kent Jones

I'm unquestionably looking forward to exploring Criterion's Ben Button Blu-ray once May comes around.current news


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