Musings: Marion Cotillard as Catwoman?

So, Inception happens to, in truth, be a science-fiction film -- meaning all its actors can be put on a bit of Batman 3 rumor hiatus, all while we can look forward to a non comic-book Christopher Nolan film. For most of the casting speculations, that's a good thing; however, there's one idea that's stuck in my mind:

Marion Cotillard as Catwoman.

Rumors are floating around that Ms. Transformers herself, Megan Fox, might be in the running for the role. That's all well and good, as her name has already been tossed around for Wonder Woman, along with being implicated as an Angelina Jolie clone -- another "rumored" female of the feline persuasion. I've got nothing at all against her, as I'm looking forward to the Diablo Cody penned Jennifer's Body where she vamps up as a bloodsucker. However, the decision to slap her in the Catwoman role by the studio is one that, as implausible as it might seem to Nolan supports (myself included) wary of the choice, isn't as far-fetched as some might be led to believe. She is, after all, the second-biggest driving force behind the masses paying to see Michael Bay's million-dollar explosion fests. Fox has yet to flex her true actress muscles, so we'll just set her to the side for a moment as a pop-culture bargaining chip that might be a consideration from WB.

Now, to the bedrock of my brainstorm. It's actually not all that difficult to draw out, outline or sketch if you will. Flip through the first couple of pages in "Batman: The Long Halloween" and check out Selina Kyle. Then, give a thought about Marion Cotillard in her shoes. Aside from having mammoth acting chops that have yet to be fully explored (aside from her astounding performance in La Vie En Rose), she simply fits the mold of the archetypal age, form, and grace of the character -- feline without being exuberant, and sleek with an edge. And sure, she's still grasping at the English language; however, why couldn't Catwoman have a distant foreign background that would make her accent second nature? It's not unreasonable for Selina Kyle to have traveled from overseas for one reason or another, finding her place in Gotham City at either a young age or later. That's all, of course, hearsay.

Here's a little background on the "modern" (read: non Eartha Kitt or Lee Meriwether) vision of Catwoman via Wikipedia:

"Catwoman's origin — and, to an extent, her character — was revised in 1986 when writer Frank Miller and artist David Mazzucchelli published Batman: Year One, a revision of Batman's origin. In this version, Selina Kyle is reintroduced as a independent and more modern minded woman. She is a prostitute in order to survive and wants to break away from her abusive pimp (and former boyfriend). She witnesses his crimes and because of an event which occurs to her (nun) sister, fears for her sisters life and begins to study self defense and martial arts."

Sounds like something the Public Enemies star could pull off, doesn't it? With the assumption Christopher Nolan even wants to put Selina Kyle/Catwoman in his newest Batman flick, she'd be a great addition. Maybe they're negotiating as Inception winds down principal photography?

Just a thought.


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