Samuel Smith's Taddy Porter: Beer Review

Coming in a classic gold-foiled top with its old English feel, Samuel Smith's "Famous" Taddy Porter endures as a smooth yet robust dark session brew. Served in a tall glass from a ~19oz classic bottle, purchased from Green's in Atlanta.

When poured, it streams into the glass with quite a fizz. It's very dark brown in color, showcasing some rouge when held to the light. The scent mainly consists of a roasted coffee-like punch, along with very slight butterscotch sweetness underneath that makes it appealing. As it reaches the top of the glass and begins to settle, a soft mocha-colored head begins to form measuring close to three-quarters of an inch high. It doesn't stick around though, quickly settling into the glass with practically no lacing.

Sam Smith's porter isn't quite as thick as it looks when sipped, containing a more lightly carbonated texture than it implies by its head. It feels rather pleasant to the taste, expanding a bit as it lingers. The thinness shouldn't be taken as a negative, since there's still plenty of foaminess from the lips to the back of the mouth. It's just a bit airy compared to other dense porters, which is a pleasant surprise.

Though a bit thinner in texture in texture, the Taddy Porter certainly carries a flavorful punch. It's not unpredictable, as it carries a very familiar nutty, roasted punch that's sublime to swallow. But it also has a bit of a sweet, caramel-style touch to the rear, counterbalancing the lightly nut-centered alcohol punch in the mouth with velvetiness. After each taste, the roasted nuttiness lingers long after each taste, staying tasty yet jaunty enough to enjoy throughout the evening.

Removing the wrap from the lid on one of Samuel Smith's Taddy Porters ensures a pleasant, classic night of roasted English dark ale. Tasty and robust with its slightly smoky, light nutty flavor, it's an easily irresistible porter out there that almost begs the drinker to swallow more.


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