TV on DVD: Seeker, Blood Ties, Big Bang

"Those familiar with "Hercules" and "Xena" will have memories of a lightning bolt, one that obliterates an image of a Mona Lisa-inspired sketching in the Renaissance Pictures timecard at the close of each episode. It capped off the boisterousness of each weekly foray perfectly, ending the spurt of clanking swords, mythical creatures, and exaggerated yet thoroughly sustaining performances with a loud splash of sound. Almost as a reminder, "Legend of the Seeker", another Renaissance Pictures production airing on ABC, harks back to those memories in grand fashion, bringing together a new weekly fantasy-based storm of magic, romance, and adventure that's equally as exhilarating as its influences."

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"It seems like vampires lurk back into the pop culture spotlight every ten years or so, as they cropped up for a stretch in the '90s with the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" story arc and, most recently, with both the Twilight phenomenon and HBO's adaptation of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, "True Blood". One series that'll likely remain overshadowed during this stretch will be "Blood Ties", a relatively short-lived Canadian-turned-Lifetime television series adapted from Tanya Huff's novels. Blending "Buffy" with an "NYPD Blue" meets film noir tone, this series' sharp writing and tongue-in-cheek supernatural rambunctiousness shouldn't go unnoticed."

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"While some traditional sitcoms take up nearly half a season with character refinement and "testing of waters" to see what comedic tones jive with the audience, it only took one episode for Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady to find the perfect rhythm for "The Big Bang Theory". With a little beefing of characters, a geek chic set makeover for the apartment, and added nerdiness onto Sheldon's persona, it quickly transformed into a very smartly-written and uproarious show that appeals to both nerds and non-nerds alike -- though more towards the nerd, like myself. Keeping the momentum built from its first season, "The Big Bang Theory" enters into its second season with familiarity and tightly realized characters in tow, and it's still an absolute riot."

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