Life Imitating Art, Or Uzumaki in Norway

Seriously, the spiral-obsessed guy in Uzumaki would've popped his lid at the sight of this.

In Norway, as reported by Daily Mail (also the source of the picture), a brightly-colored swirl formed in the sky that many believed to be the sign of an alien invasion -- or something. Turns out it was a failed Russian military experiment involving a rocket, one which failed in the third phase of its cycle.

So, what's to learn from this? Prepare for stretching in logic: it's simple, we're too fixated on war and weaponry. Exploding in this fashion purposefully reflects on the nature of Higuchinsky's very odd J-horror creep out picture, so that we might realize that fuming at the mouth about artillery is similar to the fruitless obsession with the "uzumaki" in the film. Right? RIGHT? No, of course not; but, hey, it's pretty much impossible to believe that those who have seen the film didn't immediately think of the mind-boggling scene with swirling clouds and disappearing faces.

Not aliens, just a faded military project. We can go about our tornado-like lives now.


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