Science-Fiction TV on DVD Roundup

"Defying Gravity" -- Grade: A

"As I mentioned in my review for District 9, 2009 was an excellent year for science-fiction as a medium -- especially when considering the moderately-budgeted, highly pensive two punch of D9 and Moon. "Defying Gravity" can firmly fit into that catalog of output. It's a collision of soap-opera theatrics and extensively thought-provoking concepts, thrown together into an astoundingly assembled television series. On top of that, it's brought to life by a great cast that gave each and every character life. Whether "Defying Gravity" will see any more content or not is uncertain, though outlook doesn't look good, but this first season still comes with high regards on its own. Those bothered by incomplete seasons with dangling, unbearably unanswered cliffhangers won't be off-put by the conclusion to this season, which wraps an installment to this story arc nicely."

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"FlashForward, Season One, Pt. 1" -- Grade: B-

"For the past several years, the creators of "LOST" have been giving a timeline as to when the show would be closing up shop -- a reality that's rapidly approaching. It begs the question: what's going to take its place as the crowning mind-numb, science-fiction based series? Several others shows have been vying for that spot, such as "Fringe" and "Heroes", measuring up to mixed successes in both storytelling and maintaining their audience. ABC, eager to keep this audience inclusive, have cooked up "FlashForward", another disaster-with-consequences story arc with a network of theoretical conjectures interwoven under the hood. By concept alone, the idea of a global prophecy that causes despair, happiness, fear, and violence alike is thoroughly compelling; however, if David S. Goyer and his crew want to continue, they've got to dig deeper into its elaborate speculation and veer away from the current rhythm of underexposure and exaggerated drama. With the level of construction present within its origin premiere, it certainly has the potential."

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