Joe Wright's 'Hanna' Looks Killer

Under any other circumstances, it'd be pretty sound to dismiss Hanna as a clone of Leon: The Professional; a teenage girl receives training from a young age -- albeit from her father this time around -- to become a killer, showcasing some off-putting sequences of a semi-young person being trained in the ways of handling guns and acting violently. But that preconception changes drastically when the name of Atonement's Joe Wright is mentioned, especially while he's directing Saoirse Ronan in the lead role. Hanna's snowy cinematography in the trailer elegantly frames Ronan's frosty disposition as Hanna, making it appear as if Wright and Focus Features might've found a way to take the young girl assassin angle and turn it into a legitimate dramatic experience. You know, along with making it appear thrilling at the same time. As a huge appreciator of both Wright's directorial approach and Saoirse Ronan's emerging talent (yeah, we'll forgive her for The Lovely Bones, though she was admittedly cast rather well in the unfortunate debauched take on the book), this one's certainly on my radar.


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