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Check out some of the spooky TV reviews I've been responsible for lately over at DVDTalk:

"Now that's a horror story about a coven of witches. After a successful premiere season that defied what was expected out of the concept behind Penny Dreadful -- drawing together famous figures from disparate pieces of gothic literature into a singular setting -- it'd be understandable to grow concerned about how writer/creator John Logan might up the ante in the second year, perhaps with more recognizable figures and overclocked gore or other provocative grotesqueries. Rather shockingly so, Logan instead branches off from those previous triumphs and restricts the focus in the follow-up season to past demons, recognizable emerging antagonists, and the continued descent into the mazes of its fraught characters' minds. Staying true to the serial novels that inspired its title, the narrative of Penny Dreadful seamlessly bleeds over into these newer, darker escapades of Vanessa Ives and her cadre of idiosyncratic allies, while also betraying that lineage by again conjuring equal measures of sophistication and sensationalism within."

Full review of Penny Dreadful:The Complete Second Season can be found here: [LINK]

"'Veronica of the Living Dead' might be too on-the-nose as an alternate title for iZombie, but that idea obviously coursed through the mind of show creator Rob Thomas while brainstorming his latest for The CW, developed as a loose conceptual adaptation of the comic series from Vertigo. The somewhat awkwardly-named series explores that universe's perception on the zombie infection and apocalypse as a vehicle for an unlikely detective -- a young, inexperienced woman whose interest in the work was catalyzed by a traumatic event that recalibrated her social status -- to exploit the unique abilities forced upon her by the affliction, filling gaps that the local police department couldn't otherwise. While Olivia's genesis as a supernatural case-solver is of a morbid nature that's overused to its advantage in the weekly murders giving her a purpose, creator Thomas and his team of writers synthesize those genres with a helping of dark humor to create a clever, unpretentiously expressive twist on the zombie setting, ushered into the "... but they're not all monsters!" subgenre with attitude and grace."

Full review of iZombie: The Complete First Season can be found here: [LINK]


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